Kumquat Festival

Kumquat Festival | January 27, 2024

Come shop with Zazzy Zebra Boutique and hundreds of other small businesses at the Kumquat Festival. Located in Downtown Historic Dade City, Florida. Saturday, January 27, 2024. Shopping hours 9am-5pm.


Annual Kumquat Festival


What exactly is a kumquat? Great question!

A kumquat is a small citrus fruit that resembles a miniature orange. Unlike most citrus fruits, the skin of a kumquat is sweet and edible, while the flesh inside is tart. The entire fruit is typically eaten, including the peel. Kumquats are known for their unique flavor combination of sweet and sour.

There are different varieties of kumquats, but the two main types are the Nagami and the Marumi. Nagami kumquats are the more common variety and are oval-shaped, while Marumi kumquats are round. These fruits are often used in culinary applications, such as making preserves, marmalades, or adding a zesty kick to salads and dishes.

Kumquat trees are evergreen and belong to the genus Fortunella. They are native to Southeast Asia, but they are also grown in other parts of the world with suitable climates, such as the Mediterranean and the southern United States.


For more information visit the Dade City Chamber of Commerce: Kumquat Festival

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